Retinal treatment

The retina is a sensitive layer located in the back of the eye, and it plays an important role in transforming the image, transmitting incoming light to the eye in the form of nerve signals that the brain can decode to see the image, and Dr. The European Society for Cataract Surgery and Laser Vision Correction - one of the best doctors for treating retinal diseases in Egypt, who provides within his own center a comprehensive service for the treatment of various eye diseases, especially retinal diseases, here are the details.
About retinal problems that require treatment
  The retina faces some problems that require treatment, and here are some examples of them:
Retinal artery occlusion
This condition occurs when the arteries that feed the retina with blood and oxygen become clogged, which leads to loss of vision, if not treated.
retinal detachment
This condition occurs when the retina separates from the layer of blood vessels that feed it, and this condition poses a threat to vision, and requires urgent surgery.
Retinal tear
One of the diseases that occur as a result of various factors such as injuries, or pressure on the retina by the vitreous body, which is an emergency that requires immediate surgery.
Diabetic retinopathy
An eye disease that occurs as a result of high blood sugar levels in people who suffer from diabetes, and diabetic retinopathy is one of the serious diseases that requires rapid intervention to treat the problem.
macular degeneration;
Macular degeneration occurs as a result of damage to the photovoltaic cells in the back of the eye, which are responsible for central vision.
retinitis pigmentosa;
This condition often occurs as a result of a genetic disorder, in which degeneration occurs in the cells of the rods in the retina, which are the cells responsible for receiving light and seeing at night or in low light conditions, which causes difficulty in seeing a person at night, and with the passage of time vision gradually decreases, and the person may suffer with night blindness.
Retinal treatment methods
Techniques and methods of treating retinal diseases vary according to the nature of the problem that the patient suffers from, and treatment methods vary between:
  The vitreous is a clear gel that fills the back of the eye and helps support the retina. If fluid buildup or bleeding in the vitreous causes pressure on the retina, treatment may be to remove the damaged vitreous and replace it with a vitreous-like material. This procedure helps restore normal pressure on the retina. and improve vision.
Purple laser for the treatment of retinal diseases
  Purple laser is used to treat some retinal problems such as clogged arteries and retinal rupture, as the laser is used to shrink damaged arteries, or to treat small retinal tears, and it is a non-surgical procedure that takes a short time.
Intravitreal injections for retinal diseases
  This technique is used to treat some advanced cases of retinal diseases such as blocked arteries and diabetic retinopathy. Medications are injected into the vitreous to reduce inflammation and abnormal growth of blood vessels and protect the retina.
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