eyelid surgery

The health and appearance of the eyelid is closely related to the quality of human vision. With the emergence of a problem such as sagging or drooping eyelids, vision is directly affected, in addition to the disturbing appearance, in addition to the various types of deformities that may appear in the eyelid, in addition to the accumulation of fat in that sensitive area of the eye. All of these problems require careful intervention to treat them, and cosmetic and corrective eyelid surgeries are often the best solution to these problems.

Eyelid surgery comes at the top of our list of services at Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center - a consultant ophthalmologist, a member of the Egyptian Ophthalmic Society, and a member of the European Society for Cataract Surgery and Laser Vision Correction - and here are the details.
About eyelid surgery
Eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure used to treat eyelid problems. These problems may be related to the patient's aesthetic appearance, health, or quality of vision. Eyelids are an essential part of eye health, as they are thin skin halos that cover and protect the eyes.

Pictures of eyelid problems that require surgical intervention to treat them vary, including:
Swelling of the upper eyelids
Excess accumulation of fat and fluid in the upper eyelids can lead to puffiness, which affects the appearance of the face and makes the person look tired and older than they really are.
Accumulation of excess skin in the upper and lower eyelids
Accumulation of excess skin in the eyelids may lead to obstruction of vision and cause wrinkles and folds in the skin. As for the accumulation of fat in the lower eyelids, it may lead to the formation of "dark circles" and excessive puffiness.
drooping eyelids
An annoying condition that occurs either due to aging, genetic factors, or previous eye surgery, for different reasons.

Regardless of the cause, the doctor uses many different techniques during eyelid surgery to restore the shape of the taut eyelid, shape the eye in a way that enhances the appearance of the face, and helps improve vision.
Types of eyelid surgery
Eyelid surgery is a common surgical procedure, and it has different types depending on the purpose of the surgery and the problem that the patient suffers from. Among the common types of eyelid surgery that we offer at Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center are the following:
Eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  This surgery is performed for cosmetic purposes to improve the appearance of the eyelids and the face in general. This surgery may aim to remove excess skin and fat from the upper and lower eyelids, and reshape the eyelid to look more youthful and lively.
This surgery is used to reduce wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes and improve vision if there is a blockage caused by the accumulation of excess skin. Eyelid surgery can rely on different techniques such as:
Open surgery.
Ptosis Repair
This surgery is performed to correct the condition of slow opening of the eyelids, or sagging, which can affect a person's vision, and this surgery is used to strengthen the muscles of the eyelids and support them properly, which helps to raise the eyelids and improve vision and appearance.
Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty
  This surgery is used to remove excess skin and fat in the upper and lower eyelids, and get rid of the excess accumulation of skin and fat, to improve the appearance of the eyelids, and reduce puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.
The best eyelid surgery doctor in Egypt
  The success of the various eyelid surgeries depends on the experience of the surgeon and his assessment of the patient’s condition, and the specific goals of the surgery. Therefore, relying on a distinguished doctor is the only guarantee for obtaining satisfactory results for the surgery. In this context, Dr. Ibrahim Osama comes as one of the most important and best eye surgeons in Egypt, who is distinguished for being :
He holds a PhD in Ophthalmology.
He holds many important memberships in the field of ophthalmology, such as the membership of the European Society for Laser Vision Correction.
He has a lot of experience in performing various types of eye surgeries, whether it is for the purpose of correcting vision defects, or reshaping the eye area to correct its appearance.
It relies on the best types of fillers and Botox to correct eyelid defects, in addition to using modern surgical techniques to achieve the best results.
The doctor is assisted by a distinguished team of distinguished doctors and professional nursing staff.
In addition to all this, the doctor's keenness to provide a distinguished level of service in the center in exchange for competitive prices that guarantee you a good result and a professional level of service. You can contact us now to enjoy the best level of service for various types of eyelid surgeries.