Strabismus treatment in children

Strabismus is one of the problems that afflict young children for many reasons, including what is related to the imbalance of the eye muscles, including what is related to genetic factors, including what is related to problems with the nervous system, and regardless of the causes, the continuation of the case of squint for a long time without treating it properly, may It results in permanent vision problems that are difficult to treat with age.

The treatment of strabismus in children is one of the services that we pay special attention to at the Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center - a consultant ophthalmologist, a member of the Egyptian Ophthalmic Society, and a member of the European Society for Cataract Surgery and Laser Vision Correction - here are the details of the service and the treatment options available at the center.
About strabismus in children
Strabismus is a condition in which a person's eyes are unbalanced, in which the axis of one eye is not parallel to the axis of the other eye, or in other words one eye or both eyes tilt inward or outward, or one eye may be high or low in relation to the other.
Strabismus treatment in children
The appropriate treatment option for the child is determined according to the degree of squint that he suffers from and the type of squint. The options for treating squint in children within the Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center vary between the following:
Non-surgical squint treatment
Medical glasses: Strabismus associated with refractive errors in the eyes, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, may be treated by wearing medical glasses to correct vision and improve the balance of the eyes.
Eye exercises: Eye exercises can help improve eye coordination and strengthen the muscles responsible for eye movement.
Surgical treatment of strabismus
If nonsurgical treatment isn't effective, or if the condition is severe, the doctor may decide to perform surgery to treat the squint. Surgery usually involves adjusting the eye muscles to improve their balance and prevent deviation.

The appropriate method of treatment is usually determined according to the evaluation of the child's condition by the specialist doctor, and it is necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations and follow the treatment regularly to obtain the best results.
The best center for the treatment of strabismus in children in Egypt
If you are looking for the best center for treating strabismus in children in Egypt, Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center is one of the best Egyptian centers that you can rely on, as it is:
  A specialized medical center that includes a highly experienced team in diagnosing and treating strabismus in children, led by Dr. Ibrahim Osama.
  The center provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of strabismus, whether it is surgical treatment, or the use of medical glasses.
The center ensures high quality medical care and good outcomes for young patients with strabismus.
  The treatment of squint for your child may be long-term, and here the center provides a distinct periodic follow-up and examination service to assess the child's response to treatment and the extent of the condition's development.
In short, the treatment of strabismus in children at the Dr. Ibrahim Osama Center guarantees that you will correct your child's vision with the utmost safety, and be fully confident that he will receive the optimal and most appropriate treatment according to the condition of his eyes and the degree of strabismus he suffers from.